• Jock

    Hi there,

    I really like your screeners. While they give a great picture of today, they don’t allow me to test my trading strategies on historical data. Do you have a history of the various fields for the purpose of backtesting?


    • http://asxiq.com asxiq

      this might take long time to implement , but for a singe we can send you the data of all the 10 indicators , pick your choice of the stock

  • Jock

    That would be great thanks.


  • Richard James

    Hi. Seems like a great screener, however when I go down the fundamentals custom screener path, it hangs on me. That is, after pressing “show results” I see the spinning wheel icon in the middle of the screen but it doesn’t move on to produce results This may well be happening to some other people so would it be possible to suggest some solutions and to put them in the faq?

    Thanks in anticipation

  • bill

    have you got a glossary? what does p/s mean etc etc etc…. can one of the screen selection criteria be an index? like asx300 or asx200 etc. because an index is a screen in itself. for the americans on finviz you can do this with their indexes?. wfoord@bigpond.net.au

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